Rabbi Yehonosan Eibeschitz

Born in 1690 and died in Altona on September 18, 1764.

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"All Pleasures Contain An Element Of Sadness"
Rabbi Yehonosan Eybeschutz


                           Books by Rabbi Jonathan Eibescheutz:

Judaica libraries world wide contain manuscripts of notes of Rabbi Yehonosan's lectures and sermons written by his many thousands of students. It is fair to say that many new manuscripts await discovery and publication. Below you will find a list of books by or about Rabbi Yehonosan. It is by no means even close to all the books out there. But it is a good start.

I have rated many of the books using my very own Rephuel Mechuel's Rating scale. It is a scale of one to five amulets, with 5 amulets   being the highest rating.

For the first group of books here is:

Rephuel Mechuel's rating of these books is 5 out of 5 amulets!


Below you will find some of Rabbi Yehonosan's works in Hebrew. I ordered many of the books from www.mysefer.com. They were a pleasure to do business with. My only problem is I cannot read Hebrew. Is there someone out there that can help translate some works into English?

Yaarot Devash HaShalem
Contains the best known collection of the sermons of Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeshitz (1690-1764). [vowelized text / menukad]

                 Megillat Esther with commentary by Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeshitz

To my great appreciation www.MySefer.com also had books by Rabbi Jonathan's great-grandfather, Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapira.
252 explanations for the verse in Parashat Va'Etchanan "Al tosef ledaber ailai badavar hazeh - Do not continue to speak to me on this matter," corresponding to the numerical equivalence of "Rav lach".
Written by Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapira of Cracow (1585-1633), a scholar of eminent stature who disseminated the kabbalistic teachings of the Ari in Poland.

Megale Amukot al HaTorah

A Torah Commentary written by Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapira of Cracow (1585-1633), a scholar of eminent stature who disseminated the kabbalistic teachings of the Ari in Poland.
Arranged according to the weekly Torah readings. (Kabbalah)

Eybeschütz's works, given in the order of their publication, are as follows:

1755. Luhot 'Edut. Altona.

 1765. Kereti u-Peleti, novellæ on Shulan 'Aruk, Yoreh De'ah. Altona.Taryag Miwot, the 613_commandments in rimed acrostics. Prague.

 1773. Tif'eret Yisrael, notes on the rabbinical laws regarding menstruation, with additions by the editor, Israel, grandson of the author and rabbi of Lichtenstadt.

 1775. Urim we-Tummim, novellæ to Shulan 'Aruk, oshen Mishpa. Carlsruhe.

 1779-82. Ya'arot Debash, sermons, edited by his nephew Jacob ben Judah Löb of Wojslaw. Carlsruhe.

 1796. Binah la-'Ittim, notes on the section of the "Yad" dealing with the holy days, edited by the author's disciple Hillel of Stampfen. Vienna.

 1799. Hiddushim 'al Hilkot Yom-ob, edited by Joseph of Troppau. It is in substance the same as the last-named work, but differs from it in wording, and contains in addition Maimonides' text. Both therefore present not a work of the author, but notes taken from his lectures. Berlin.

 1817. Sar ha-Alef, novellæ on Shulhan 'Aruk, Ora ayyim. Warsaw.

 1819. Bene Ahubah, on the matrimonial laws in the "Yad," edited by his grandson Gabriel Eybescütz. Prague.

 1825. Tif'eret Yehonatan, homilies on the Pentateuch (n.d., though 1825 is probably correct). Zolkiev.

 1862. Perush 'al Pisa ad Gadya, a homiletical interpretation of the "ad Gadya." Lemberg.

 1869. Notes on the Haggadah, edited by Moses Zaloshin. Presburg.

 1891. Shem 'Olam, letters on the Cabala, edited by A. S. Weissmann. Vienna.


A commentary on Lamentations under the title "Allon Bakut," and homilies on the Pentateuch under the title "eshe Yehonatan," are extant in manuscript in the Bodleian Library (Neubauer, "Cat. Bodl. Hebr. MSS." pp. 50 et seq.).

Bibliography: G. Klemperer, ayye Yehonatan: Rabbi Jonathan Eibenschütz; eine Biographische Skizze, Prague, 1858 (reprinted in Brandeis' Jüdische Universalbibliothek vols. 91-93, Prague, n.d.); Ehrentheil, Jüdische Charakterbilder, Budapest, 1867; Isaac Gastfreund, Sefer Anshe Shem, Lyck, 1879; J. Cohn, Ehrenrettung des R. Jonathan Eibeschitz; ein Beitrag zur Kritik des Grätz'schen Geschichtswerkes, in Sefer 'Ale Sia, Blütter aus der Michael David'schen Stiftung, Hanover, 1870; Grätz, Gesch. 3d ed., x. 315 et seq.; Fuenn, Keneset Yisrael, pp. 425 et seq.; Jacob Emden's autobiography, Megillat Sefer, Warsaw, 1896. The bibliography on the controversy between Emden and Eybeschütz is given in Grätz, Gesch. x. 507 et seq.S. S. D.

Books on Jonathan Eibeschitz:

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On the Jonathan Eibeschitz-Jacob Emden Controversy:

M.J. Cohen, Jacob Emden: a Man of Controversy (1937)

G. Scholem’s review of Cohen’s book in Kirat Sefer 16 (1940), 320-38

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On Nathan Spira:

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Interesting articles on Shabbati Tzvi



The Eybeshitz Haggadah...Vayaged Yehonatan

This is a wonderful book incorporating Rabbi Yehonatan's take on the Exodus and far beyond. It is a great Haggadah in both English and Hebrew and includes many wonderful pearls of wisdom from the great
Rabbi. You can find it online at various sites i.e. (Click Here)

This is a must have for pesach!!!
Rephuel Mechuel's rating of this great Haggadah is 5 out of 5 amulets!


The following is a great childrens book. I would add this story to the Pearls page but I did not want to give away the ending. This way you need to buy the book. I do not make any kickbacks or gelt in any manner from any websites I suggest. I give them to you for your convenience.
Rephuel Mechuel's rating is 5 out of 5 amulets!


Here is another children's book with a very intriguing plot. This is another story that would have made it to the Pearls page but again, I did not want to give away the plot. Fantastic ending. Both of these children's books are published by Gold Publishers. I quote from the back cover, "All the stories are based on authentic and reliable sources. I special ordered both children's books from www.1800eichlers.com
Rephuel Mechuel's rating is 5 out of 5 amulets!


The next book is in Hebrew. This might be a good one for us to translate. Let me know if you can help me with this translation or any other of his books.
Rephuel Mechuel's rating is 5 out of 5 amulets!


An excellent book with a full chapter on The Controversy Between Jacob Emden and Jonathan Eybeschutz. Some information on Rabbi Nathan Nata Spira as well. You can purchase a copy here: (click)