Rabbi Yehonosan Eibeschitz

Born in 1690 and died in Altona on September 18, 1764.

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Rabbi Yehonosan Eybeschutz


Eybeschutz Genealogy

December 16, 2012

Rabbi Yehonosan Eybeschutz  Genealogy

While reading the Midrash one day I came across the statement that the Great King David was a descendant of Miriam. Of course you can imagine my amazement, wonder and joy to read such an awesome statement since my wife’s family tree can be traced back to Rabbi Yehonosan Eybeschutz, then back to Rabbi Nathan Nata Spiro which then leads us back to Rashi and then all the way back to King David. I conducted some independent research and found that in fact, King David was a descendant of the Prophetess Miriam.

It is known that Rabbi Yehonosan Eybeschutz was a descendent of the Great King David through his great-zeyde (grandfather) and master Kabbalist, Rabbi Nathan Nata Spiro (click here for a web site showing his linage to King David), who schcriben (wrote) the Megalleh Amukot. Rabbi Spiro in turn was descended from the Talmudic Giant Rashi, whose grandson Rabbenu Tam, was considered the most brilliant as well as famous Tosafist of his time.


So now we can trace Rabbi Yehonosan Eybeschutz, as well as my wife and son’s ancestry all the way back to the Prophetess Miriam, di shvester of Moses. It is truly amazing that I am married to, and father of mispucha of the Greatest Torah Giants. Truly Descended From Giants!!! And a Prophetess as well.

Since the path back to King David has been delineated I would like to keep going back in time. So let’s trace the lineage of King David all the way back to the Prophetess Miriam:

King David- (1043-973 BCE) the youngest son of Jesse’s eight sons.

Jesse- Grandson of Ruth and Boaz. Father of King David. From the tribe of Judah in Bethlehem.

Obed- son of Ruth and Boaz. Father of Jesse.

Ruth- King David’s great-grandmother. Ruth and her husband, Boaz, have a son named Obed.

And now for Miriam:

According to the aggadic tradition, she was married to Caleb, and thereby entered the family tree of Judah.

Judah, the 4th son of Jacob (son of Isaac), begot Perez. Perez begot Hezron who begot Ram. Ram begot Amminadab who in turn begot Nashon. Nashon begot Salmon who begot Boaz. And Boaz begot Obed who begot Jesse. And Jesse begot King David!!!

That is one heck of a lot of begotten if you ask me.

Miriam- (ca.1500 BCE) the older sister of Moses and Aaron, you know, the Exodus guys. Her father was Amram and her mother was Jochebed, the daughter of Levi who was the 3rd oldest son of Jacob-aka Israel. Acording to Chabad.org Jochebed married her nephew Amram, a grandson of her father.

Tradition attributes royalty to Miriam by merit of her conduct, for King David was descended from her.

The name Ephrath is the basis of the Rabbinical connection of Miriam with the Davidic dynasty (i.e., the royal line that she merited), since David is called (I Sam. 17:12): “the son of a certain Ephrathite” (Sifrei on Numbers, 72; BT Sotah loc. cit.; Ex. Rabbah loc. cit.).

The following is from the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906:

Miriam is said to have had also the following names: Ephrath, Helah, Naarah, Azubah, Jerioth, Zohar, Zereth, Ethan, and Aharhel (comp. I Chron. ii. 18, iv. 5-8), which were given to her on special occasions (Ex. R. i. 21; Soah 11b-12a). She was married to Caleb b. Jephunneh, or b. Hezron.


The bottom line here is:

We can trace The Great Rabbi Eybeschutz’s genealogy directly from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all the way to King David!!!


Son of David and Abital; their fifth child. He was born while his father was still reigning at Hebron (II Sam. iii. 4). Through this line 900 years later we get the great Rabbi Hillel c.100 BCE. Through him we get Rashi 1040-1105 CE.


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