Rabbi Yehonosan Eibeschitz

Born in 1690 and died in Altona on September 18, 1764.

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  Dinstik September 16, 2014

"All Pleasures Contain An Element Of Sadness"
Rabbi Yehonosan Eybeschutz


Below you will find various links to scholarly articles, sermons, Parashats and other writtings incorporating Rabbi Yehonosan Aibshitz's thoughts. They are in no particular order. I am not a yentah but run the risk of being accused of yenting because I also include some legendary tales to this day still being told about Rabbi Jonathan Eyubeschutz. All the stories are Certified Kosher. Emmes! This is a No Dreidel Spin Zone.


Let's start with an interesting story about Rabbi Yehonosan and a run in with the nobility. One morning as the esteemed rabbi was walking to Shul he was stopped by a very powerful nobleman riding with his entourage. The nobleman knew very well that the rabbi was on his way to Shul for morning services but nevertheless he had to stop and say to the Rabbi, "Hello Rabbi. Where are you going?". Rabbi Yehonosan replied, " Hello. I don't know where I am going". This response angered the nobleman since he thought the Rabbi was mocking him. The nobleman repeated the question with the rabbi returning the same answer, "I don't know where I am going". The nobleman was so angry he instructed his guards to arrest the rabbi right there on the spot and put him in the dungeon. Yes, they had real live working dungeons at the time. No Guantanamo here.

After several hours of incarceration the nobleman gave the order to bring Rabbi Eibeschitz to him. The nobleman asked why the rabbi insisted on making jest with him. Rabbi Eibeschutz responded that he was not makining jest and was answering the question very seriously. The rabbi said, " You stopped me in the morning while I was on my way to Shul and asked me where I was going? Up to that moment I knew I was going to pray in Shul but I answered your question honestly and sincerely. You are asking yourself how is this possible? When I woke up in the morning I knew I was going to Shul but when you asked me where I was going I never thought in my wildest thoughts that I would spend the day in prison. Therefore I gave you an honest answer that "I did not know where I was going". "The actual correct answer to your question was that I was going to the dungeon which I did not know at the time. Only you knew that". Upon hearing the rabbi's precise answer the Rabbi was released on the spot. Rabbi Yehonosan shows his groyser sechel (great wisdom) once again.(Note: the quotation marks are mine since I do not know the exact conversation, but that never stopped me from putting words in other people's mouths. You get the point)
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